Hyparxis, new agism, and a future left…//A developing discussion – The Gurdjieff Con

I have a long discussion of hyparxis at the Gurdjieff Con prefaced by this personal, almost incoherent, account of travels through the New Age movement. Leftist historical materialists will find this so appalling they might just ‘wig out’ in a dead faint. But if the left has to somehow mediate the cultural streams of the past, the new age movement becomes a research topic and a very difficult one. And dangerous. Behind the love beads and mantras stands a core of mostly hidden superreactionaries. You cannot fail to know your enemy here. These superreactionaries will eat marxists for breakfast (haha, a historical materialist). These people lurk behind the new right’s fascism in a direct connection so muddled it seems at first harmless. But the connection of figures like Bannon to Ouspensky are there.
Bennett is a sad figure: his original work is cluttered with mystical bum steers but he points to a way the left could accelerate into a viewpoint on yogas, paths, materialism of the Samkhya type. The left has to confront Christianity (Islam), Hinduism, Buddhism, and much else. Perhaps it is essential to ditch marxism and start over. Marx is confusing here: historical materialism struck a blow for secular humanism, but then tended to reduce Marxists into flatlanders. And then the ominous latent strain of Stalinism enters, and there is a serious risk to new agers of downright liquidation.
The left could construct a kind of lingua franca of cultural interaction entering socialism around the ideas of Samkhya yoga, its atheist materialism, and dialectic and strange connection to Christian theology.
We have to leave the junk new agism stuck in the past but the core of human exploration can’t be deleted in a degenerate socialism of leftist robots.

The idea of hyparxis is one of the few original ideas applied to evolutionary theories. I may have misunderstood it, and find it short of science, but its basic idea suggests that (pace Bennett) evolution mediates time and eternity (pure from, like ideal mathematical Ideas) as hyparxis. A man writing a novel mediates the ‘eternal’ dimension as the idea of a novel and its envisioned plot in a series of drafts and revisions, hyparxis, as the form of species emerges into environments that test that realization. It is a prodigiously ambitious attempt to storm the gates of glory with new approaches to evolution in the void left by the idiocy of natural selection fantasy theory.

I had an email exchange that resulted in some essays from me which I will try to reproduce as an essay. Nemonemini I am a veteran of new age movement but somewhat beyond it. I have ha…

Source: A developing discussion – The Gurdjieff Con

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