Darwinism and the failure of Big History (funded by hopeless idiot bill gates)…

It gets tiresome to find book after book on world history founder in the futile effort to apply Darwinism to history. It doesn’t work, confuses the issue at the start and leads to scrambled thinking on everything else. The Big History Project is not without interest but the dogmatic application of Darwinism induces instant failure, in deep time, and in recent world history. The result is the concealed social Darwinist implication, and much else that is flat wrong, including all questions about religion, consciousness, etc… In fact the genre. In this case, we actually have a capitalist caught in the act stoking Darwinism, good bor business no doubt, the vulture hovers over his great contributions to culture.

Historical footnote: did Microsoft invent Windows? No they took it from Xerox Parc, lock stock and barrel.

I recommend a look at the ‘eonic effect’. It embraces the fact of evolution and then tries to find a case where we can study evolution empirically in action. Note that Darwinists do not have a single case where they can prove the thesis of natural selection for the evolution of a species. Noat one. The micro realm where the term ‘evolution’ is used for such things as the microevolution of, say, Coronavirus doesn’t count.
The evolution of a species is a baffling mystery. No one was there to verify that natural selection caused speciation which in any case happens over millions of years (or maybe very fast by another process). To claim that natural selection generates all evolution at the species level is a gross error, deliberate deception, and a wretched failure of science. And yet no matter how hard you try, you can’t get believers to snap out of it.

The eonic model works because it steers clear of useless theories, stays empirical, and then studies with a large bibliography but this time despecializing: distributing reading over multiple balanced times and places: Sumer, Dynastic Egypt, Greece/Rome, Israel/Persia (Zoroastrianism)), India, China.
This approach suddenly gets results: we see without a theory an ‘evolutionary process’ at the level of civilizations. And we also see why Darwinism is just a fantasy. Even the limited project above becomes intractable due to the thousands then millions of books relevant. But the method converges on a very simple structure, what we call the airplane view,a nd then shows the immense detail behind that, all in a strange and coherent pattern.

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