Are marxists hopeless idiots in the way of any motion toward socialism? Marxists to be shanghied into the R48G?

Overnight, recanceled for Marxist heresy. Hohum, three way cancellation: by Darwinists, by Marxists, and by ID/christians. It does absolutely no good to try to critique Marx who has been elevated to a secular sainthood and infallibility. But it is also true that Marxists have very little chance of leading society to socialism, so let’s say ‘you’re fired’ and start over with a new kind of left. Our piece yesterday can provide no miraculous answers but we can at least stop the hemorrhage of harebrained Marxist historical theory.
American capitalist utopian is moving slowly to dystopian end/time/games

The Red Fortyeight Group is a putative sort of hovering paper airplane flying overhead the coming labors to create new kind of left. This is fairly crude stuff on the way to being filed away or tur…

Source: R48G: the red fortyeight group and some notes toward a critical marxism – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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