The idea that evolution occurs via natural selection and survival of the fittest is laughable, if not tragic, like everything else with homo ‘sapiens’, evolutionary theory is a screw up

The imposition of the Darwin paradigm is a grim reminder of the ideological hypnosis of an ambiguous era of science.
Look at the eonic effect: almost everything of value in world history is generated in the eonic effect’s evolutionary software, while the contribution of man is mostly violent mayhem and abuse of the gifts of real ‘eonic evolution’. How did the whole of science get captured by this nonsense. It is not as if there is evidence here. We don’t have a single example in deep time of a species emerging in this way. In fact we don’t have significant evidence at all. We do have strong evidence of the FACT of evolution, but a theory of how that happened eludes us. It is pity that Marx got taken in here because his first impression was exactly right: ideology. But he must have sensed what would happen if he opposed the theory.

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