Science must urgently abandon Darwinism: trust in science is eroding rapidly…

The paradigm of Darwinism is bad science and a harsh rebuke of institutional science as it fails to critique a now obsolete and toxic theory. Figures like Richard Dawkins have an obsession with using the theory to debunk design arguments. But that approach doesn’t work. Design arguments in theology are not taken seriously anymore and design in nature has found its own place, despite the obsession of the Darwin fanatics.
Scientists are asleep at the wheel and threaten the whole basis of science credibility. We see the problem during the current pandemic.
And science is under suspicion of concealed social darwinist thinking mixed with capitalist ideology, a disastrous outcome, as the era of Big Science moves to control public thought with a dangerous and deadly theory that has perverted the study of history.

The eonic effect has a hard time in the current so-called science culture. Darwinism reigns, but is it science? In fact it violates the basic tenet of science. We never observe evolution: it a larg…

Source:  The eonic effect shows at once the problem with darwinism – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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