The eonic effect shows at once the problem with darwinism

The eonic effect has a hard time in the current so-called science culture. Darwinism reigns, but is it science? In fact it violates the basic tenet of science. We never observe evolution: it a large-scale event over millions of years. We have no way to observe that. Instead, biologists cheat: look at biochemical transitions, e.g. mutating covid entities. We do see evolution! Baloney. (many have insisted on distinguishing micro and macroevolution). Evolution in the large is something very different,  In fact we suspect it is vastly more complex, and not basically genetic at all. Evolution, as we see from the eonic effect is not reducible to science just yet. But what we can do is to stop cheating and compile observations, and empirical descriptions. We ca see the fact of evolution in deep time. It’s theory is not yet possible. How is it possi9ble the whole science cadre can’t see this? It is scary because ideology has entered science as the science remains oblivious. The error is made official and then cancel culture takes hold and the scientist (so-called) is caught in a bubble: he cant’ think, can’t allow feedback, must deride outsider critics as unqualified and claim social authority against heretical dissent. This is a clear so long sucker scenario. Too bad, scientists at present are a bunch of idiots.

But is it science. Over and over and over outsiders have shown up the flaw in Darwinism, to no avail. The situation is turning into a tragedy for a whole civilization, and for the trust in science. It is impossible for a theory like natural selection to explain a complex subject like evolution. How did the fallacy become entrenched? But now even experts in physics are part of the regime of enforcing the paradigm. It merely shows that physicists are brilliant til they think outside the box. Then they are stupid too. This is a question of stupidity. You can’t make such an elementary mistake, turn it into a hard paradigm, and get it wrong. ONe stu[id person, there’s hope. A whole professional cadre with capitalist ideologues breathing down their neck, that’s stupidity.

The eonic is not a theory, It is a way to assess the problem of history and evolution. It shows at once the problem with Darwinism. It is a question of trying got visualize very large-scale phenomena, ie. evolutionary sequences.
Science, what we call science deals with the causal analysis of very small-scale entities particles, atoms, molecules, genes, and then stops. It is understandable that scientists would try to extend that scale to evolution. But they have failed in every case. The test case seems genetics, but there again the issue is not genetics, in the small-scale.
Evolution is about whole species at a much higher level beyond molecules and genes. it is as simple as that. It can’t be true that random changes in chemical structures lead to evolution. Low-level science has confused everything.

The eonic effect is a useful tool to debrief evolution. It seems complex but it eschews theories to use simple chronology. It attempts to deal with large-scale entities over long periods of time. Biologists never really do that. They are redutionists. Fine. But that doesn’t work with evolution.

Too bad for science. It si controlled by idiots.

The eonic effect is too much to take in all at once and needs a study plan and reading. The opinion here of academics et al who preside over the regime of Darwinism is not relevant. Break away from…

Source: The eonic effect, world history, racism, slavery and the modern transition. – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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