How did Zionism become a malevolent gangster org of endless dark ops?

The idea of ‘conspiracy theory’ emerged (perhaps it had an earlier invention) as a clever way to distract attention from US and Israel’s staged
false flag op with respect to 9/11. The American public was almost completely fooled and became the victim of a
ominous PR/brainwashing campaign. The US government was itself also complicit in this. This was the source no doubt
of the idea of a deep state, a term rendered useless now by abuse, and we have to wonder if even the presidential level
grasp the facts here. The 9/11 op is a puzzle: there are so many things wrong in the basic picture that it cries out
for an expose. But the general public was almost completely fooled.
Chomsky’s behavior is a disgrace and frankly suspicious.
But the whole game is perhaps beginning to collapse, or at least begin to slide into an end phase.

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