History of ancient Israel as a cargo cult of the eonic effect:///Israel Doesn’t Have a “Right to Exist” 

This started with the question of Israel’s right to exist. First answer, does the US have the right to exist? It slaughtered the Indians, who had a right to exist. With Israel, we are left to wonder at an historical derailment getting worse and worse. Do Palestinians have a right to exist? The right to exist is de facto resolved, Jews took over a terrain in the middle east. Then declared god had done this. That is now an insane position, whatever its ancient rationale.
But the larger question is, what is the place of Jews now in history. Read the essay below. Jews, or the Israelites were in a very special place in world history.
But they generated an ideology of the covenant, of being special in the eyes of god, and then when the Christian experiment had been started to completion, the jews were taken away from Israel. The idea of the Covenant is dangerous thinking now, and it appeals to the least intelligent. The Zionist recurrence in the twentieth century is not on solid grounds as a continuation. But because of the Holocaust Jews went into a kind of zionist determination. So be it. Jews have the power to exist in a new Israel. But it has nothing to do with ancient Israel. The experiment in ancient Israel was a one shot deal. There can be no repetition of that. And it is irresponsible for a culture that produced Einstein to peddle convennetal mythology to the most incapable of jews. Jews once dissented on Israel, now it is a madhouse of gangster zionists. And it must be defended forever until exhaustion sets in and another calamity strikes. The Old Testament refers to people in ancient Canan, and it has no application to modern jews. None.
In any case, to claim property rights for an ancient land two thousand years later based on the Old Testament is sheer madness. It cannot end well in that form.
Soon however the whole fantasy will collapse. Jews remain in modern Israel. But that must become a modern multicultural democracy. Period. Zionist have almost destroyed the US democracy with insidious tactics of control. Their Mossad conspired to kill JKF for opposing their aims. The placer of Mossad in 9/11 is a terrifying covert action black op.

Now Christians are in the same position, confronting the falling away of Christinaity. In history, things come to an end. Best to be wary of too much ambition to conquer the future. It will conquer you.

I need to proof this and expand: we never got around to ‘right to exist’, plus bring in something about Islam (buddhsim, taoism, etc….Soon)

The era of Judeo-Xtianity is passing and any way to put their histories in perspective can be useful. The model of the eonic effect can be helpful here in showing that the whole mythology of ‘god in history’ has fallen to pieces and is increasingly toxic. Secular humanists are on the right track, but not necessarily for understanding the history here, at least if they are part of the Darwin cult (which resembles an inverted miracle religion of natural selection). In the eonic model we see that the macro effect produces two religions in the Axial period: Buddhism and Israelitism (proto-Judaism) in an almost uncanny concert: at or near the point of the ‘divide’. At that point the macro system disengages and the factor of free agency takes over. Right there you can see that whatever happened before the divide what happened after was human realization that just might have increasingly

deviated from its initial configurations. And by the time of Christianity the connection is very weak. Some other factor may have entered, and there are dozens of possibilities, from Egyptian religion to yoga, etc,…But the Christians in fact embraced the Judaic corpus and we can see that in purely material terms the operation was a great success: it created a god religion to displace paganism and a Book that became a cultural integrator to multiple times and cultural places. On that level it was a huge success and created a new kind of civilization. Then promptly at the next transition it starts to be challenged, first in the Reformation and then in the emergence of so-called secularism, on its way to the same old transformation into the future: monotheism is an upgrade from paganism and still in that range, and the modern transition moves into new territory, science, for example.
But what was the real source here? To see the point look at the parallel synchronous process in Archaic to Classical Greece. Also the Indic case. The timing is almost uncanny in all cases and a divide in Greece at 600 BCE and ‘Israel/Judah’ the same and as far as we can tell in India, Buddhism emerges just at or after 600 BCE. The latter date could be off, but the point is clear….The difference lies in the way the Indic transition produced multiple effects in processing Hindu antecedents into new materials, the classic case being the Upanishads. And the factor of Jainism was the real antecedent to Buddhism in the sense that as we can see now Mahaivir was the last ‘teertanker’ (‘buddha’) who passed the baton to Gautama. Truly amazing. There were no more such men in Jainism as the initiative passed to the Buddhist line, or so we must wonder.
Note that we see a global synchronous process that proceeds at a higher level of abstraction to see a theistic and an atheistic religion. And nearby Taoism appears in the same concert with a hint at to that higher level of abstraction.
Whatever the case we see that Judaism and Christianity seem to have entered into a difficulty and that by the time the Christological figure we are a long way from the starting point created the early Israelites. In fact the same problem arises in later Buddhism which again in exact concert with the Christian formation (ca. 0 BCE) as Mahayana arises and comes into conflict with Hinayana. Amazing, as a superpuzzle.
The question of proto-monotheism in Israel is a treacherous field for speculation. One might start with a book like Silberman and Finkelstein’s The Bible Unearthed which goes through the very complex history of early Israel. But the connection to the eonic effect is direct: the same ‘stream and sequence’ effect, the transition, and the divide. The first reminds us Moses, Abraham are mythical figures as far as we know, but like Achilles in Greece some historical basis. The real issue is the period from ca. 900 BC to the Exile ca. 600 BCE. What on earth happened here? It can help to set aside ‘god in history’ ideas and to study the parallel with Greece: the latter has a flush of immense innovations and produces a lot of new things, not least a new literature, homeric, to the emergence of the tragic genre.
Note the parallel: we wouldn’t ascribe the Greek Archaic to divide intervention, but its fantastic take-off remains the basic mystery. But wait, the early Israelites had an analogous set of emergent factors, especially the obscure history of the early texts, much of which started to form by the seventh century but likely crystalizing definitely near the divide. Just about the same as the Greek case. Note then that in two synchronous cases a new cultural literature emerges and by the period around 600 to 400 BCE the Old Testament more or less is done.
Note another point: just at the Exile the Israelite ‘Israel/Judah’ goes through its convulsion and the Israelites are deported to Persia, there to blend Jehova monotheism to Zoroastrian monotheism after which they returned to ‘Israel’ with greater or lesser injections of Zoroastrianism to finalize the Bible that we know.
Here’s the point: you might well think this was ‘god’ in action, but the Greek and Buddhist cases show something deeper than theism/atheism. The Israelite transition would seem therefore a macro interval like those in Greecc and India, the Chinese case the same but needing a closer study (I would have to learn Chinese to do this). That something else is precisely the macro effect of the timed transitions. The problem the Israelites had is that they conceived of a one god but then applied to the process of the transition, but that doesn’t work.
Let us note that history doesn’t record enough to figure this out completely, but it is clear that the process is a set of eonic effects and these can’t be ascribed to theistic history. The Bible records in considerable mythological detail the way the eonic effect works over a transition. And that’s that.
Is that disappointing? Not really, and the Israelites issued the warning: don’t speak the name of god, use a glyph: IHVH. But the later comers did just that and we end in a religion of Jehovah. The original mystery of the Prophets is fascinating but we must be wary that we never quite see the original pieces of the puzzle. So later religion went from IHVH, to Jehovah and the result was two thousand years of a theological mess of pottage. We don’t really understand the context of the emergence of the prophets. We insert ‘god’ language where once it was eschewed. So who knows now. The case of Christianity and the early Christians and jews seemed to realize was something different, but using the same Bible, soon with a new testament. I can’t resolve the Christian issue frankly but as the Jews insisted it was something different, foreign to them. This was the beginning of world history’s greatest screw-up, the collision of one religion with its source. As we noted we are far from the transition: the system is on its own in both case: the macro effect is long over. Christianity never had a macro effect, but its genesis was a mystery of its that I can’t solve. To see that they are different entities compare the Christian beliefs about soul and the Judaic rejection of soul. Whatever that was about, we suspected that something mysterious entered as the Judaic stream suddenly produce the Christian beginning.
It is my opinion the soul issue shows the entry of some unknown factor into Christianity, that we don’t really know about. But note that the factor of system action and free action/agency is crucial taking the whole history. The Israelite transition shows system action and that terminated by the period ca. 600 BCE. That’s why Jews and Christians could never understand each other, and it should not have mattered but it did. There is thus a mystery X in the Christian case. Our model just can’t quite resolve the complexity here, but it does the ‘overall’ very well, and with study can seem almost obvious, and at least note the amazing parallel of Christianity and Mahayana, and the conflict with their source points. These clues can help us to get some sense of what’s going. We see a planetary-level process.
To call the Israelite history a cargo cult of the eonic effect seems ‘off’, but in fact it is a delicious mystery. In any case, we should learn the lesson: point to IhVh, but be wary of uttering ‘jehovah’. But both parties, Jews and Christians forgot and ended up in millennial theological muddle.

We’re often told that creating a single secular democratic state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians would violate Israel’s “right to exist.” But no nation-state has an inviolable right…

Source: Israel Doesn’t Have a “Right to Exist” — But Israelis and Palestinians Do – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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