Embrace of the Darwin paradigm spells the end of the marxist framework…

This issue of racism in Darwin’s theory, at a time of the BLM, is going to prove fatal to the theory, and to the left if it can’t disengage from the whole fallacious scenario. Marxists are complicit in the use of a pseudo-science (at a time when better alternatives were available) to jusfity racism, colonialism, and imperialism….To say nothing of capitalist competition ideology….

There is simply no need for Darwinism to be defended by the left in the name of historical materialism. that is just idiocy. And the theory suggests that the left is really a social Darwinism gang with genocidal agendas.
We have over and over suggested the utterly simple exit strategy: the fact of evolution in deep time is very clear and empirically based, but no theory of evolution has yet to be formulated. That is the real state of affairs at the moment.
This is a test for the left….
Creating a new revolutionary/reformist framework is easy to do and we have almost a dozen books on the subject.

Flannery does some good work here but he has nixed the suspicion that Darwin stole his theory from Wallace. The evidence is muddled at first, but careful studies shows the probable truth. A recent …

Source: Racist Darwinism – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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