Have Darwinists detroyed science?

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

The obvious problem is the promotion of untruth, with intent, but the progress of science will outstrip this nonsense. The evolution issue is difficult, but not impossible to solve, and the data of the ‘eonic effect’ can suggest the kind of answer that must come in the future. It is indeed a tough problem but we can see that evolution is a mysteriously creative force and that is a phenomenon of nature. For those addicted to Darwin’s oversimplification, the shock of the data of the eonic effect can be considerable. It is like being in the 12th grade and realizing you flunk sixth grade and can’t proceed. Physicists can’t solve three-body problems, as such, the question of evolution is even more difficult. The eonic model maps out the mysterious complexity in the evolution of civilization and suspects then that the evolution of organisms will be similar.

Scientists have discovered the dangers and the possibilities of human suggestibility and that they can enforce whatever ‘science’ they care to invent, and ger a way with it.

This lets the cat out of the bag, as if it hadn’t happened already. Biologists have the notable achievement of turning evolution into a kind of fantasy or religion, like the doctrine of the r…

Source:  The Darwinism fantasy and the destruction of science – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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