The immense harm done by ‘christianity’

Christianity almost swallowed up the American experiment and may still do so. Let us note in terms of discussions today that Christianity belongs to another era, but did ‘luck out’ with a Reformation which forced its entry into modernity. But the Reformation swiftly evolved into a host of different things, not least the Enlightenment. So the ambiguity has haunted the modern world, and the American experiment especially. Thomas Jefferson was no
Christian, perhaps a deist, and that should have been the tone of the modern American realization. Deism is perhaps the hypotenuse between atheism and theism, but seems on the right track. But instead Christianity has moved into a new field given for the future with a stultifying religious construct, an entire mess, from the Roman Empire. The confusion has turned the whole population into a new kind of idiot and threatens to destroy the American Republic. The whole Christian construct was flawed from the start and the process of secular humanism, which itself contracted into an ideology, was essentially defeated by an obsolete religious monstrosity. The passing of Christianity is accelerating and soon the choice for the future will confront the American vision. Unfortunately, shallow secular humanism, Darwinism, and capitalism have come to monopolize the field in confusion that has abandoned the Enlightenment for a combination of Nietzche, Machiavelli, and the psychopathic logic of covert operation Hollywood movies. But this situation is visible in antiquity. Look at the Romans, their paganism emerged in primordial fashion and was in reality out of place in the world pointed to by the Greek Enlightenment. To be sure the Greeks never quite overcame their paganism. We see Christianity it eternal terms, but it was a creature of its time and brought to a close the archaic pagan world.
But in modern times chaotification has set in. In our time Secular Humanism is the token to the future but still too undeveloped to serve that purpose. The theism/atheism dilemma is not the real issue: secular humanism adopts aggressive atheism, which is good up to a point (note the parallel Marxist movement), but in the end, in great frustration, atheism appears to be as bad as theism. The simple resolution is to see a false dualism of terms that are not defined and therefore incoherent.
Christianity seems to claim the mantle of ethics but its ethical mythology which served antiquity perhaps is so silly it turned all parties into scofflaws.
In any case, Christianity has so degenerated it may just fall away like a scab, but it will leave behind a question: what was that? we may never figure it out and will to just move on.
But the realization of modernity has been so delayed and muddled with biblical idiocy and capitalist Xmas that a whole civilization is likely to founder and not recover.
In the nonce the entire homework assignment of modernist realization has become, homework left undone. Student gets a D, exeunt omnes.

Thus Marxism and secular humanism point to some potential but they are going to end with the same verdict, the immense hard done by Marxism, secular humanism, and television advertising… Marxists should consider that the future lies with socialism, not Marxism, or the cult of Marx. They should not be so obsessively cultic as the Christians. Secular humanism need to broaden its understanding, and shovel dirt over the theism/atheism question. Who cares. Check out Taoism maybe, itself however another triadic myth distant cousin the occidental triadic myth(s).
Note: Machiavelli was NOT a modern thinker and he did NOT produce a science of politics. Yet he has overtaken modern politics for multiple brands of political outlaw. He is perhaps an Italian Renaissance thinker of some kind but he is not a part of the modern transition, as Kant tried to point out, in problematical thinking of his own, perhaps, in this debate with Benjamin Constant, what to say of Machiavelli. Kant was chastised for his simplistic logic contra lying, but now in the era of Trump we see his point, or at least let’s hope we do. The modern politician is a degenerated species and unable to provide any kind of leadership.

Source:  R48G: historical dynamics and the eonic effects: the Christian analog?   – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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