R48G: historical dynamics and the eonic effects: the Christian analog?  

Many Marxists have noted the resemblance between socialist historicism and Christianity. Although the analog requires caution, it is on to something. Twice in world history, we see a proletarian movement given some force of history in its realization. The analog is not really exact because socialism is a direct outcome of the modern transition where Christianity is a secondary or some kind of late phase of the Axial era transitions, starting in Israel, which had a sort of proletarian twist as kingdom exploited by empire. But in many ways the analogy does work and it might be good for Christians to consider that something similar is operating in two cases with a proletarian twist. One theistic, one atheistic! That shows the ‘god in history’ myth is misleading Christians. But economic determinism is not much better. It is the eonic effect and we can see it seems to try its best to jumpstart proletarian movements. But we must note that while Christianity appears to succeed it became what it opposed, or so it seems. But its action overall, viz.. the issue of slavey, had a benign effect to some degree but the result was entirely complex and a mixed failure.
We have to wonder if socialism’s future has as similar fate, success as a failure: given the legacy of Bolshevism we should move to study historical deviation as such.

Source:  R48G: historical dynamics and the eonic effects:  teleology of starting points? – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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