The right fed with critiques of Darwinisn turn converts to anti-science, scientists themselves to blame.

One major contributor to rightwing antiscience the legacy of Darwinism. Scientists adamantly defend a flawed theory, while the right has been tutored for generations in the flaws of Darwinian evolution, in the process upstaging scientists themselves and sowing the confusions of science skepticism. If the core evolutionary theory taken as science is incorrect then droves in the public sphere inevitably ask, what else is wrong with science. Scientists stupidly double down here in the culture Dawkins and his idiotic fanaticism on the subject.
The damage done to science is a calamity and yet persists beyond correction.

Although not mentioned by the Nobel Laureates, one of the biggest challenges to their concerns is a burgeoning worldwide right-wing anti-science populist movement, which may be the Achilles heel to any and all agreements amongst major nations to fix the planet. In such case, there’s a distinct possibility that the world’s right-wing populist crusade may take civilization down a rabbit hole, sans a return ticket


Source: An Urgent Call for Action by Nobel Laureates –

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