New left, step 1: See if you can figure out 9/11 and get deprogrammed from a classic brainwashing op, with assist by Chomsky.

The question of 9/11 as a conspiracy was one of the seminal challenges to the left of the last generation. And yet the phenomenon
of groupthink with a little help from Chomsky and Cockburn completely closed discussion in an almost frightening crypto-Stalinist
group hypnosis. I hold no real expertise in such a complex topic, but I did read fifteen books on the subject by pointed researchers
some good, some not so good, but all aware of what was apparent within days of the event That it couldn’t have been what the deep state perps
wanted you to believe, on the way to war in the middle east. For the left to have missed that one has created a void of doubt about who
one is dealing with. Granted the 9/11 research is flawed but it did make its point which is suddenly obvious. The same was true of the JFK assassination.
Let me note in both cases the suspected involvement of Israeli Mossad made everyone clam up.
In any case, it takes about an hour of internet research of see the problems with the official account. The left should have been good at this
research, instead it cancelled anyone who couldn’t toe the line here, which is just about everyone except the idiots left behind.

You can’t flunk such a test and then prattle about the left.

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