The left is stalled and impotent

I got angry this morning as you can see from the previous set of posts. But there is no surprise there.
The left doesn’t exist and at a time of climate catastrophe no one is there to be the left.

After working on historical theory, studying the problems with Marxism, and with evolutionary Darwinism,
to say nothing of the legacy of secularism ADN defunct monotheism, I get impatient because of the alrming
realization we have no left. Further, it is impossible to point out the difficulties. Anyone who does ceases
to be part of the in-crowd, reformist or otherwise. None can even discuss such issues which are critical at a time
of threshold transformation.
I have written ten books on the left, but the result is murderous looks from the cult of Marx.

They are not much but  at least there aren’t Verso porn.
Such people cannot hope to carry out a revolution.
And I look back at Chomsky’s career and feel sad. A man who made such an effort to critique ideology was either a
victim of ideology or a liar, or subtly compromised by the powers that be. His stance on JFK and 9/11 have done a lot
of harm to the left. Goodby to him. He knew 9/11 was a conspiracy but refused to say so. If Chomsky is such a failure,
I’d say we are in real trouble.

I am alarmed at the damage done by Marx with his pompous dogmatism: the Marx field is a bunch of mediocre cripples. Ditto for Chomsky. Maybe the ‘boy we’re smart’ jewish spuprmacist left from Marx to Chomsky’ will shut up after Chomsky croaks..Both men were too contemptuous of gentiles to be of much help. Marx completely screwed a beautiful perspective, And Chomsky simply twiddled his thumbs after his weekly dose of the Great Expose.

Ordinary people must see their way through the coming disaster. But they need help. Real help. Here we go

again, some expert needs to advise them. But it is true that the path to socialism is a tough assignment.

Ordinary pampered/well fed bourgeois college educated leftsts find it hard. The result could be another bolshevik idiot production.
There are no second chances for marxism, barring some goofball history as led to the Russian revolution whose marxism
was preposterous. The left cannot grasp the failure there.
The issue of Darwinism is a sick joke. The right has thoroughly studied the question and exposed Darwinism, while the left hasn’t a clue

The left has no real understanding of philosophy, history, evolution, or economics. And yet these feel entitled and confident they can
remake the world and pull socialism out of a hat.

To be sure there are a lot of reformist-style groups that do a lot of good things. that is something. But it won’t remake society.

We need a new generation and some real ideas and leadership. Good riddance to Chomsky in any case. His manner of paralyzing the left was insidious.

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