Slavery, wasted cycles, and emergent abolition, the anti-racism movements

The picture portrayed here needs to point out that modern culture has obviously, without getting overconfident, progressed to a new stage here. The modern democratic movement resembles the Athenian, but then diverges. The current period shows an explosion of ‘second-guessing history’ indirectly via the entirely apt abolitionist movement, the Civil War, and then as if the seeming hopeless problem of racism did not exist, the emergence of racial justice movement, lately the BLM. This testifies to a hopeless situation that isn’t hopeless. Man has proved capable of modifying the result of history gone wrong. The obvious point is that democracy was a casualty in antiquity and nearly suffers the same fate in modern times, but, and the Civil War is a token here, someone(s) realized a now or never had come: world civilization in the accident foundered in slavey in antiquity and was in danger of a false recursion. So man, prompted by the eonid emergence of abolition, finally decided (in the American case, highly influential) enough is enough.
The Civil War is a strange mystery.
The system then proceeds from abolition to racism. Will it ever end? We see a kind of desperation at this point: civilization nears suffers another wasted cycle stuck in slavery.

I put the posts on the issue of democracy, and slavery (1619) into one post, and will continue to add material, perhaps. This kind of model cuts straight to the real issues. But it is tricky and re…

Source: 1619 question, democracy and slavery in world history (and socialism) , the eonic model, and the nature of systems, theories, and causal fallacies – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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