Our DMNC and anarchism…//Marxism versus Anarchism 

We have been critical of Marxism but in the end, as clear in our own moment with the Occupy movement, the opposition of Marx/Engels is in the end somehow inevitable.
Our DMNC model attempts to blend opposites in a mix that is balanced against one-sided tendencies. It even explores a very slight anarchist strain in the way it has both a strong state of guardians with limited powers, a middle democratic core, and an indifference zone (economically) left to itself yet also blended into the larger system. The balance of the opposites can free the experiment from onesided obsessions.

Robbie Mahood [Presented as on line educational sponsored by Ligue pour l’action socialiste (LAS)/Socialist Action/Canada. Montréal, April 23, 2021. SA/LAS is Socialist Action/USA sister party in t…

Source: Marxism versus Anarchism – Socialist Action

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