A short faq on the occult

Source: An email exchange: asked about a reference to a global cabal against democracy – The Gurdjieff Con – 1848+: The End(s) of History

Update: this post is filled with a kind of tension that lead me to mistake what I meant, in any case speaking in veiled language. It gives the impression I supported the suppression of occult knowledge (not really knowledge) in Christianity and secular humanism. But the truth is otherwise: Christians were exploited by their occult ignorance, and the modern realm of scientism cannot really establish a true secular humanism because it censors the larger reality.

I will rewrite this at some point, but the basic issue might be little clearer thus.


I seldom discuss here the issues raised by ”spiritual’, ‘new age’ or occult topics. But times have changed or at least the ‘average level of general idiocy’ has changed. The charge of ‘idiot’ is not what it seems. Gurdjieff spoke of the many levels of idiot so hope for the best in the ‘next to last judgment’ of the Idiots.

The world of secular humanism, and next to that the world of Marx, in the name of the rational enlightenment and the rise of science have banished, refuted, canceled and suppressed the issues of occultism. Were they were right to do so? If you ply occult themes in public discourse you harm confuisonwho get lost in superstitious mirages and make Fausts out of the ‘smarty smart’ folks. Even Christianity applied a version of this and again they were, it seems, right to do so. But consider that Jesus was clearly a sufi brand prophet with a front as a magician and miracle worker. What the facts are there we don’t know, but there is still another pecking order here and the church followers are a lower class in the hierarchy, a tempting point of no return.

All of that is not relevant. Dabbling in occultism solves nothing. The record shows almost universal failure even now given the flood cheap Kindle books such subjects. Such books are mostly worthless. We are talking millions of useless books. Some attempt a dark path, make pacts with devils and experiment with cancerated spiritual texts. As far as I know such people get liquidated in their next bardo transit. Hell is already full, and ran out of space. But Christianity acknowledged the possibility even as it created a magic circle for idiots: no trespassing on church personnel. There is now a vast explosion of feminist witchcraft. Dont be browbeaten by facile claims. and/or witch hunts. We are seeing capitalism in action: femdom is big business.

As sufis say, if you wish a higher knowledge increase your need. Do we need anything here?

The answer is tragically’ yes. Fascist occultism, to field a ‘conspiracy (non-)theory’ and release it in the air, is eating democracy alive. The refusal to even consider the subject has made secular democrats sitting ducks. But I bet that the CIA has a subterranean group working on this. But the subject usually defies such efforts. Who knows. But a need to know arises here. The destruction of democracy is a world-historical tragedy and allows a tiny morsel of occult knowledge. Christiana idiots, thus, knew a thing or two, and secular humanists might learn something here. They can adopt the buddy system and devise a general ‘idiot first aid’ manual.

That morsel is Principle 1 in the Faq:

  1. in the famous saying of John Brockman, nobody knows and you can’t find out. That’s the first, maybe the last…
  2. 2,3,4…We can add verbiage here. but it is mostly pointless..
  3. You can study Kant to find the boundary of metaphysics. Kant was a rational enlightenment philosopher. He had his limits, but he sensed them and even wrote a book called Visions of a Ghostseer. Do ghosts exist? The issue is metaphysical, but that doesn’t mean it’s false. The boundary of occult knowledge is way into the metaphysical unknowable realm. : We can’t get knowledge but a mysterious noumenon/phenomenon lurks in the failure of knowledge. It is an antinomial issue You don’t know and what you don’t know can hurt you. Good luck.

You can study the issue indirectly and have suspicions. We see the rise of fascism in the late eighteenth century. We don’t know what was what, but we can suspect and use a sense of smell. Hitler was the phenomenon in full form. But he had no real occult knowledge. He was a dupe of his own superstitions but he did have a kind of transient occult effect, as a passive dupe. So in general we don’t need to be occultists to defend here.

In the words of Hamlet, the rest is silence.


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