The eonic model, democracy macro and micro, and the future of the world system…Have you been brainwashed?

The eonic model is utterly simple, almost flimsy, and yet points to something mysterious and some surprising conclusions. People will demand a science of history. There is no such science without explaining the eonic effect. The secret of success is nothing more than a ‘time and motion’ study.
First the jargon here: the model point to transitions, of three centuries, the ‘divides’ at the end, and the change of potential from ‘system action’ to ‘free action’. For a model so simple to yield so many insights is almost uncanny.
Two examples are the divide period ca. 600 BCE and then 1800 AD in modern times, the modern transition.
Here is the strange correlation: democracy emerges twice in a row just before the divide (cf. Solon ca. 600 BCE, and the slow emergence of Athenian democracy, the American system just before 1800). That’s odd, but history bears it out: democracy is at first macro generated.  Note thus that in both cases this suggests macro action to induce democracy followed by free action, or free agency in his execution. In the Greek case (beside many republican experiments in the city-states) democracy is affirmed via Solon just at the divide and stumbles into existence by around 500 BCE and is gone by the end of the fifth century, two centuries. The current system status is the onset of modernity in the modern transition, a second birth, much stronger this time, in the US, soon a global phenomenon.
But now after the same interval, with uncanny precision, The US is suddenly beset with dangerous intimations of a failing democracy, fascist sub terrain, complete the portrait yourself. The US is in real trouble and a global cabal trying to destroy democracies is active, to make matters worse.
Please note the crucial fact that we live now in the phase of ‘free action’, with system action long gone. But this is not a deterministic model, not at all. We can detect our position and take action. But can we?

It is important to consider this material. It has a book, a PDF, is free but the culture of secular modernism is so brainwashed by Darwinian people literally freeze near the cancel culture at any suggestion to look a different take on evolution. This is a good way to check out the way you have been brainwashed by really bad science.
You must study the issue in secret, perhaps.

As to the future of democracy, there is no deterministic outcome: the citizen is the last resort for this future. So to speak.

Through the muddle of Marxism, the warning of Marx stands out: the capitalists will take over liberal systems.
But there are two issues here: the rot inside democracy that is still outwardly the form of democracy, versus the outright elimination of the whole system for something else.
In Athens, the endgame was the world of Alexander and his conquests.

True? That means the issue of ‘freedom, economics, and capitalism’ stirs into the mix, making failure, well, …probable? Make sure you are not a complete idiot, please. And scientists? If they can’t figure out the flaw in Darwinism, they won’t be much help. Scientists need to take a good look at themselves: For a century and a half, the entire cadre of trained scientists, PhD’s no less, have been confused over a simple statistical error in natural selection, pointed to by Hoyle in a one paragraph theory bomb for Darwinism, and close ranks with wrathful scorn of those who see the problem. And many are silent here.

Decoding World History ED 1_6dcdx

Quo vadis? the athenian tragedy, and the american…? March 30th, 2018 Source: Quo vadis? the athenian tragedy, and the american…? – Darwiniana

Source: The chilling precision of the eonic effect…is American doomed?…//Quo vadis? the athenian tragedy, and the american…?  – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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