Cuba: an ingenious future as neo-communism? Adios, Yankees…

The treatment of Cuba by the US will in the future destroy the memory of the American experiment. As likely is that the US will founder in capitalist terminal cancer and Cuba will survive to the future if it can truly create that as a true socialism.
The Marxist legacy has confused all attempts, yet Cuba mysteriously survived. This is the moment to warn of the coming capitalist infiltrators who will try to destroy Cuba’s legacy. That means the Mob, whore  houses, and impoverished Cubans in a majority. That legacy has had a flawed structure and we recommend our ‘floating experimental’ idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’. Cuba can stay as is and transit to our neo-communism. It is a golden opportunity. Expropriation already exists, a priceless opportunity and in the context a new ‘market socialism’ can emerge with a Commons, newly minted from ‘state communism’: a coexistence of socialist markets, and planned sectors can exist in a new democracy which is also matched with a strong guardian faction, viz. the ‘communist party’ reborn.
In one version of DMNC, a strong three-party democracy/Parliament is matched with a strong one-party state that is solely empowered to be a guardian of the Commons and the basic socialist/ecology foundation.
The result should be as it is already, an ecological socialism.

We want to make our point that the capitalist infiltrators are at work already, but construction of our DMNC both disarms such vultures and finds a way within socialism to a robust democracy with a strong party guardian in the context of a new way to fend off market vultures with its own honest experiment with markets of a new type. The DMNC structure is also in principle utterly simple and doesn’t need stale marxist theories.
If Cuba regresses to capitalism it will disappear from history forever in the end. It has an ingenious real future as a neo-communism waiting the coming downfall of the American so-called democracy. Survive that and Cuba’s is home-free. Adios to the Yankees.

Now that Cuban president Raul Castro has resigned the presidency of Cuba, will the U.S. government lift its six-decades-long economic embargo against Cuba? Don’t count it. Squeezing the life out of the Cuban people as a way to get regime change has become such a normalized way of life for the United States that it More

Source: Why the Embargo Against Cuba? –

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