Uh Oh, false flags…again? Some Republican Leaders Call Capitol Riot a ‘False Flag’ – The Atlantic

The confusion of conspiracy theories is endemic, but at the same time leftists tend to be blind to their own government. To this day the Chomsky papal left applies cancel culture to any dissent to the group think on 9/11 and the JFK assassination. Those incidents have spawned a lot of nonsense, bu to a closer look it is the left itself that has fumbled the ball: the scholarly study of 9/11 and the JFK assassination have been sidelined by a false psychology of the left, one that is puzzling on its own terms. One can denounce ‘conspiracy theories’ but it a lot harder to ignore the careful accumulation of evidence the two classic incident of the last century.

If 9/11 was indeed a false flag op staged by a combination of US and Israeli covert action, we are thrown against the wall dumbfounded and at the same time a bit wary of a left that cannot get out to its own confusion here. We are on our own, and the opinion of sober scholars is mostly worthless in these cases.
In this context the issue of Jan 6 surfaces with a question mark. Let me say at once I doubt there as any hidden covert action here, but given the failure of previous such statements made with false confidence, we are left to wonder at the oddities of the Trump plot against his own government.

We should be wary here of the rightist cast of the charges, but at the same time ask the default set of questions: can the covert agencies stage a fake event like the Jan 6 fake coup?

The case is complex, but surely the answer is ‘yes’, which proves nothing but we have the decades of evidence of covert insurrections as the perfect crime.
I have to leave it at that. I have no real opinion a false op charge applies here, but if so many were fooled by 9/11, we must be vigilant to a large degree and at the same time consider this from a different angle. There was surely no real threat to the US government, but the outcome as highly convenient for an orgy of legal repression.
The strangeness of this ‘insurrection’ is its combination of real ‘threat’ and the silliness of harmless dupes of Trump and the idiocy of their strange feint that conveniently dispersed suddenly as the whole silly episode concluded as if the mob was coming off a sugar high and needed refills.
We have to leave it there, and simply be reminded we cannot trust our government on any level, and the clear excuse to prosecute a whole bevy of Trumpian hopeless idiots is suspicious from the start. I could be mistaken but the cavalry charge of rightist retards was more a farce than a real threat.
The left, which joined in the chorus of putting,  would do well to review the tactics of their foe and get out of Chomskian double talk on JFK and 9/11. The Jan 6 fracas, who knows, we can conclude nothing, yet…but we have been fooled so many times before that, well, …’watch it, buster’, etc…

The state GOP’s embrace of a false conspiracy theory shows the deep imprint of Trumpism within the party and has prompted a backlash from leaders who want to move on.

Source: Some Republican Leaders Call Capitol Riot a ‘False Flag’ – The Atlantic

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