A Mistaken Take on Revolutionary Strategy, the Case of 1905 

This interesting discussion points to the desperation emerging in the course of the modern world system. We should consider the evidence here, mindful however that this seems to be apparently propaganda from the State Department, the focal point of one of the most violent sectors of the American government. One might simply disregard such pulp. However, the tactics of non-violence need such study to attempt to fathom the way through the coming calamity. The successes of non-violent action need such study and the potential of non-violent action needs to be considered by the proponents of traditional tactics. However, it is hard to see how the case is made. The case of the 1905 revolution is pointed, but to the long view of the two Russian revolutions of the 20th century show the first to have failed and the second to have finished the task, however the outcome.
A problem here is the focus on non-violent action against tyrannies in isolation where now the world confronts the colossal failures of the whole political system as such. The basic set for examples is misleading: the status of the US system has gone critical yet these writers see no evidence a challenge is needed to the American degenerated democracy. In fact, the whole range of issues now begins to change focus from the cute examples of non-violent success to the question of a system like the US with a hidden fascist element, a deep state (or several), an intelligence agency/agencies that have staged violent coups for decades to a century and have developed social control mechanisms that are beginning to tempt to the now realizable takeover of democracy in its final stages.
The issues here are capitalist domination, never challenged in this book whose credibility is marginal, and whose malevolent action poses the revolutionary question directly.
The potential of non-violent action seems to be beggared by this new reality and we have to consider how the Jan 6 insurrection/farce has conveniently given the control sectors the opportunity to make protest of any kind illegal, and a consolidation of suppression that will be used against the left.

The era of climate disaster is not properly analyzed by such analyses from a State Department desk, and the question of postcapitalism and climate disaster ask what this viewpoint can’t address: how will the rising left and its socialist components confront the cancerated crypto-fascist monstrosity formerly called a democracy controlled from Wall Street, the embedded intelligence agencies and their hidden drug mafias, etc…
The coming catastrophe deserves an opening shot from the groups plying non-violent action, to be sure, but the crux of revolutionary violence, which has stood behind all the primordial democratic revolutions of the early modern, returns to haunt the non-violent potential
In fact, the left at this point can’t even stage a non-violent protest march and the legal challenge to non-violent public action is almost complete. This system is close to making non-violent public protest illegal and is destined to clear the streets of nuisance Gandhians.
There hardly seems to be a path for revolutionary action, in a system run by the CIA, but non-violence is hardly an option either. However, we can’t be sure of anything in this situation, and the evidence of both paths is important. This Leviathan status of the so-called system has itself seeded the last option: a terrorist underground to go down fighting in the end times of capitalism?

Capitalism is drenched from head to foot in the blood of the working class. This is one reason why socialists believe that if we are to rid ourselves of this murderous system then we must mobilise the full weight of our class against all our oppressors: mass revolutionary struggle is the order of the day. More

Source: A Mistaken Take on Revolutionary Strategy, the Case of 1905 – CounterPunch.org

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