Replacing historical materialism with a model like that of the eonic effect

The solution to the problem of a socialist world history is not too hard to find, if one can free oneself from the dogmas of the older left, so dominated by the fake genius, Marx.

The issue can be freed from the eonic model itself and revert to simple outlines. Resist the temptation of attempts to produce a science of history or evolution. There is a much simpler way: look at the facts of evolution in deep time,but stay away from the fake theory of natural selection. The same for history. The value of the eonic model is not that it produces a science of history but that it enforces a disciple of balance: all catergories of civilization are touched upon: and false debates like that between idealism and materialism are sidelined.  The attempt to produce a new socialist society based on marxism was stilborn and in the fanatic.


Two Manifestos

The left has ended up as a Marx cult and the result is not as effective as it might have been if a broader range of thinking had informed its beginnings. It is not reactionary or counter to sociali…

Source: Marx’s second rate theories…//Darwin, Marx, Wagner : Critique of a Heritage  Barzun, Jacques – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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