Socialism should be much simpler than its ‘theories’ imply…//Snapping out of the Marxist theory fantasy…

The Marxist canon is too complicated and disguises the essential simplicity of a socialist construct which should be a variant of a basic liberal system, but one that creates a Commons around private property in the large, i.e. capital. It is an obvious tragedy to have allowed ‘primitive accumulation’ of all the resources of civilization to fall into the hands of capitalists. Look at the oil industry, so frozen in ideology they will destroy the planet without blinking. Socialism should have been the case from the start, with a liberal structure but without the predatory lunacy of unregulated capitalism. Marxists totally confused the issue with a monstrosity of theory, one that Marx could never get right yet claiming the status of science…
Two Manifestos

This odd classic contains three critiques, of Marx, Darwin, and Wagner. The critiques of Darwin and Marx are extremely cogent and it is remarkable that this book appeared in the 1940’s. It is…

Source: Snapping out of the Marxist theory fantasy…//Darwin, Marx, Wagner : Critique of a Heritage  Barzun, Jacques – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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