AI singularity? it has already happened: the eonic evolution of civilization shows a benevolent ‘evolver’ that coaches human freedom…

Decoding World History ED 1DCDX
The data of the eonic effect makes one think of the AI debate but with a twist: it is man who is, can be, malevolent, not the famous supercomputer, thought conscious.
The scale and action of the ‘eonic effect’ appears to be that of an ‘evolutionary software’ directing human evolution. Such terms of description are perhaps a problem but the reality is that something is directing human evolution. And it is a benign process. It seems to resemble the ‘ultimate software’ but it is important to see the benevolent character of the ‘eonic macro’: it showers man with gifts and directly ‘evolves’ his freedom. The model distinguishes ‘system action’ and ‘free action’, or free agency, in a direct model of ‘evolving freedom’ in history.
This data set should be a reminder that the cliche accounts of the Singularity are projections of human ‘malevolence’ and paranoia with no match in reality.

The confusion over AI stands near the ironic data for the ‘eoonic effect’ which seems like a sort of Gaian supercomputer directing the ‘evolution’ of civilizations. Such sta…

Source:  AI? the eonic effect and planetary evolution – 1848+: The End(s) of History

from Decoding World History: Concepts for depicting the ‘eonic effect’: note the key distinction of system and free agents. This is clearly reflected in the historical record, and is here a first in the fashion of ‘models’. Yet such systems already exist.

We will develop a set of concepts to describe the eonic effect:

The Great Transition: the evolution of man, but including world history
The Gaian matrix the eonic effect shows sequential and parallel evolution: a matrix on the planet surface
A formalism of ‘evolution” as in the eonic evolution of civilization: also macro and micro evolution.
The relation of ‘history and evolution”:
The idea of freedom and the ‘evolution’ of freedom
Free action and system action
Consciousness and/or self-consciousness

TP1,2,3: turning points in history: first heuristic idea of transitions
Transitions and relative beginnings, the unit of analysis
Stream and sequence, discrete-continuous distinction
Transition and oikoumene, fields of diffusion
Transition and divides
Eonic emergents, creative incidents and effects inside the transitions
Sequential Dependency: a cultrual trait inherited by diffusion
The Frontier effect, also the ‘acorn’ effect
Econostream (economic histories)
Technostream (histories of technology)
These two terms are hardly used but invented ad hoc to remind
us that eonic history, economic history and technological histories are not the same. Man has started to master economic and technological histories, but is blind still to the eonic history
The Eonic Sequence: the sequence of transitions

A Frequency Hypothesis Our system seems to follow a frequency pattern based on 2400 year intervals which are marked by discrete transitions three centuries in length in an eonic sequence overlaid on a stream universal history:
TP1: Transition 1: -3300 to -3000, relative rise of civilization
TP2: Transition 2: -900 to -600, relative ‘Axial’ interval
TP3: Transition 3: 1500 to 1800, relative rise of the modern
We see this stretching back into Neolithic, we suspect….This is like a glove: it fits over the data with too much precision but includes the key effedts within the given range. This could be overexact but it works.

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