The passing of judeo-xtianity

“Americans’ membership in houses of worship continued to decline last year, dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend.”

We discussed the ‘god hypothesis’ here in a critical post a few days ago:

Source: As Church Membership Slumps Ominously, Time for a Return of the God Hypothesis | Evolution News

We discussed here Meyer’s The God Hypothesis very critically, but the larger context needs to be made explicit. I recommend a look at the eonic effect. We can see the way religions undergo a kind of tiding over millennia, and the religions of the classical/Axial are all waning. If we take the long view we see the way religions in the wake of Sumer and Egypt passed away, albeit only after centuries into the new era. With uncanny precision Christianity, Judaism, and one presumes, Islam, are destined to decline and pass away.

The conservatives at the ID institute seem frantic to revive the past and use ID arguments to stage a comeback. The whole nexus of reasoning is flawed. The very term ‘god hypothesis’ is a projection into the future. The founders of Christianity were not aware of any such hypothesis. Meyer has invoked a science term that doesn’t fit.

The whole question is conditioned by the work of Kant, rather than just secular humanists whose takes are almost always flawed in their own way. The design argument simply fails to work at this point. You can demonstrate design in nature easily, but that is not the same as the classic ‘argument by design’.
Meyer cites the case of Newton who was a clear believer in cosmic design and the intelligent design of the universe. But that was long ago, and while Newton was brilliant at physics nothing in his achievement seconds the implication of god beyond physics. His theology falls away rapidly in the progression of the subject of physics. The idea of a god hypothesis actually invokes science and undermines its archaic theology. The problem is that old religion was not a science of hypotheses, and to invoke science in that way simply feeds the secular trend. If you wish an hypothesis in the realm of metaphysics the result will fail, but in principle, a god hypothesis is a perfectly good conjecture but it cannot coexist with the outstanding legacy which includes regressive culture, rightist politics, the question of Israel, the alt right, and capitalist ideology.

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