Is the US done for? Time for a revolutionary (post-marxist) ecosocialist DMNC

There is no recovery from collapse unless there is vehicle ready for that: the idea for socialism, as long as it is not discredited in advance by the marxist/ Bolshevik legacy (and able to learn from it).

The idea of ecosocialism is reasonable and simple done right, but it needs to start immediately.
Trump was the final warning the US is done for and will become a fascist entity…unless a genuine left can intervene.

Unless you live in a state of denial you’re probably like me, troubled about the future. There’s not much left of mine, but my daughter’s generation and their children will have to survive the aftermath of fossil-fueled civilization on the ravaged, toxic planet we’ve left them. How will that look? Will democratic eco-settlements rise from More

Source: Villagers & Pillagers: Who Will Survive the Collapse? –

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