Why would aliens wish to interact with a species as violent and idiotic as homo sapiens…? The verdict? idiots! as noted

The question of alien contact is confused by  the assumptions of the discussion and fails to look at the real history of man. The record of civilization for homo sapiens is truly dismal and the legacy of war, slavery, genocide, capitalism, communism, the list continues, is so depressingly bleak that it would be folly for any alien world to interact with man. And it is not clear that colonization is even appropriate. Even the theory of evolution is corrupted by seemingly deliberate pseudo-science in the vicious myth of natural selection. Over and over critics have attempted to correct this ideological mirage, in vain. Biologists are hopeless idiots determined in the promotion of a false and misleading theory in the name of science. So science joins the list of human idiocy and failure.
The eonic effect shows that a mysterious evolutionary macro driver suddenly appears to guide human ‘evolution’ in civilization (the evolution of civilization and organisms are quite different, but there seems to be a connection). The idea of natural selection is almost ridiculous by comparison. I suspect but don’t know for sure this is latent in a planetary functionality, a wrong turn into speculation perhaps. But there are still mysteries to planet science.
Its two world religions are failures, with the rumors of Buddhsim corrupted by occult fascism, and Judeo-Christianity with deceptions based on historical lies and false claims. Thie Christian promise of salvation is a pack of lies along with its big con based on the ridiculous doctrine of the resurrection. Those who embrace ‘salvation are mostly recycled into rebirth. So religion is not helping, it would seem…

Beyond the outer religions, there is the mysterious world of gangster sufis of the Gurdjieff type.

In general, science has no science of psychology, beyond the obvious pseudo-science of evolution. The issue of consciousness has never found its science.

The question of evolution is a puzzle. If biologists would simply claim the fact of evolution and admit they have no theory, the subject could return to honest science.
In twenty years of study here and producing books I have never had a discussion with a biologist. Significant is they don’t dare criticize. They can only ‘cancel’, total
blanket silence. That’s evidence to be taken several ways perhaps. But basically biologists sense they are wrong, and many who find out remain silent. They can then never engage with critics in any way.

The question of the evolutionary emergence of life, in the perspective of the eonic effect, is not what we think it is. Civilization is a complex and still mysterious process far beyond current science. Seeding alien planets with the false views of evolution rife in the bad science of homo sapiens would be a disaster.

The US government is currently controlled by covert agencies filled with psychopaths and fronts an endemic drug mafia hidden inside these intelligence agencies.

The US has fomented genocide in the Middle East and elsewhere in the name of capitalist militarism which needs constant new zones for profitable war. It preaches democracy but has destroyed democracies over and over again.

Heard enough? Maybe the universe is waiting for man to disappear. Seeding the galaxy with such a species would be a catastrophe.

Source: The Aurora Hypothesis: ET Could Risk Only Rare Contact With Us | Mind Matters

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