Haha, you thought idiot Trump was bad luck at the polls? The capitalists are getting ready for fascism, is the left ready?

I have been very critical of marxism but have urged a new left to prepare for the coming collapse of capitalism: it seems inevitable despite its immense strength now. The public will no longer respond to marxist versions here. Look at the era of the Second International: people were enthusiastic about socialism. But the disillusion was very great. But an entirely new kind of platform with open features, failsafe an emphasis on legal, economic, and political rights in a neo-communist context as a commons.
The left has no right to impose a Stalinist system and the current marxist world is hypocritical here and the public senses that. The marxist left is braindead but monopolizes its turf. We have to wonder if CIA infiltration has taken control and neutralized the whole spectrum.  Marxists constantly talk tough as the real revolutionaries, as they twiddle their thumbs and spout obscure marx passages as proof of.  what, ?
But the whole game is passe, and there are dozens of ways to do the job right: our idea of democratic market neo-communism is complex, diverse, specified, promotes legal, political and economic rights, guarantees habeas corpus through a transition, has guaranteed economic rights in a Commons, has an ecologically robust overall philosophy and a new kind of market with licensed resources, plus a planning sector. The point is that a socialist platform must be specific and offer an open society in a socialist format. Our DMNC needs a lot more work but the point is clear, to get ready as the fascist tide surges to guard capitalism at its endgame. Our DMNC points to the clear path to a sane socialism that must barge its way out of CIA/Marxville.

The climate crisis is starting to take capitalism apart from the seams, and capitalism is already fighting back in preparation

Source: The communist moment is coming, but is the left ready with a real platform? Marxist boilerplate isn’t good enough – Darwiniana

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