The dangers of darwinism in the context of alien life/planets…

`I didn’t realize this was the source for a post at Evo-News and then a scathing commentary by me at and
Let us hope that homo sapiens, given the evidence, NEVER gets a chance to tamper with another planet still stuck in primitive stupidity: Darwinism.
In fact, I doubt it could ever happen. Darwinism should have been left behind a generation or more ago, but still persists as a reigning paradigm enforced by the most stupid people in academia: Darwinian biologists. The Discotute crowd has made a laughing stock of biologists for a generation, and still nothing has penetrated. The rigid stupidity is hard to fathom. You would think that eventually such people might wake up to the din around them. But they are oblivious and their programming into the paradigm is seemingly thicker than a tortoise shell..

The robots are ‘born’ via 3D printer, and recycle themselves upon their ‘death’.

Source: We’re teaching robots to evolve autonomously – so they can adapt to life alone on distant planets 

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