Darwinism is a menace to human life/civilization///Futuristic Evolution by AI — The Darwin Connection | Evolution News

I often feel sorry for some Darwnists who get caught up in the paradigm and don’t realize the whole thing is a bluff fobbed off on academic idiots to enforce the paradigm. Books/material like this seep through without no realization of the absurdities, and in the end, dangers.
The idea of seeding distant planets with robots programmed to evolve is a nonsensical thesis, fortunately, but the fallacies bear note: the basic confusion over natural selection is completely out of control. There is more, but it is alarming that Darwinian muddle as here gets academic approval but no critic is allowed a voice.
People have been critiquing natual selection for decades and after all that the academic world can produce toxic idiocy like this.

I invite these people to look at my Decoding World History to see the real evidence for ‘programmed’ evolution in the emergence of human civilization. Science needs to study the eonic effect and its implications for evolution before they do something really dangerous. The programmed evolution of civilization is stunningly complex and involves ethical and aesthetic aspects beyond the basic mechanics. Science is so far off a real theory of evolution that the idea such people with Nasa jargon and idiocy would seed a new planet is genuinely unnerving. Egad

The idea of seeing robots in distant planets to evolve by natural selection is totally stupid at this point and the sad fact is that Darwinists are stuck in a bubble and can’t receive feedback.

Decoding World History_ED1
To evolutionists, whatever oversight humans achieved must have evolved, and will continue to evolve in our creations.

Source: Futuristic Evolution by AI — The Darwin Connection | Evolution News

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