Basic science and its botched progeny

In the middle of a pandemic, we see real science in action and its success is based on empirical facts and experiment on the solid foundation of the basic sciences.
But the plain fact is that scientists are well trained but of middling intelligence (Darwin is a good example) and can fail disastrously beyond the range of the basic sciences. Evolution is a good example. We are subjected to this on the authority of Netwon by biologists out of range in the field of evolution. And with Darwin problems persist even as to his honesty: he has repeatedly been accused of plagiarizing from Wallace and the evidence is indeed suspicious. Wallace soon repented of ‘darwinism’ but the permanent damage persisted with Darwin’s prolonged tenure and the surrounding field of confused biologists soon to be pressganged into conformity. It is a mysterious tragedy. Evolution started with some ultra smart people, the Kantian teleomechanists, Lamarck, Wallace, and others. But the dullard Darwin prevailed.
Science that is science is one thing. But if it suddenly passes of range with respect to physics the attempts at science produce reductionist scientism promoted blindly by well-trained parrots who are puzzling at their limits. Evolution in deep time looks lika a hard science but as we approach the evolution of civilization it si off the mark totally. That is misleading on one way: imitating physics is part of the problem. But history, for example can’t be so reduced. And its companion evolution turns out to be the same.
Evolution, sociology, history, and…evolution are out of range and we are stuck with science idiots trying to enforce religious doctrines.

That’s insulting but perhaps not enough. In any case the eonic effect shows just how complex a science of history would have to be and evolution is a closely related subject. Decoding World History_ED1

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