Marxist unity slate? beyond marxist boilerplate to a new socialist/neo-communist post-marxist framework

The left is stuck in a marxist mesmerized mindset. Marx’s overall formulation, few seem to realize, was flawed and has always contributed to leftist failures. By and large if you can ignore Marx’s theories and Engel’s dialectical materialism, you can use much of their work on an ad hoc basis. But as a comprehensive framework Marxism fails. Marxism leaves its adherents on a treadmill.
The point here is that DSA is almost out of the confusion but Marxists want to inject tired marxism.
We have a lot of stuff that can help here:
The Anthropocene and The Coming of Postcapitalism ver 12(1)PC_futures
PC_futuresTwo Manifestos

A new platform has to be fresh, break old habits, use better terminology, drop Marx’s useless historical theories, ditch historical materialism, stop the obsession over economic historicism, broaden its philosophies beyond the materialism/idealism debate, etc…

Basically, the issues are the transition to socialism, communism. How about new terms? neo-communism means you are not bound to bolshevism, and don’t defend it, etc..

The left never defines what it aims for. Socialism? Communism, what are those? Marxists are defenseless against the critique of bolshevism here. It is like a state of trance.
Declare with neo-communism you are doing something new and different.

Our idea of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ is a modeling tool that can enforce a discipline of bringing together democratic theory, the market debate, the planning debate, the private property issue, etc..That requires a lot of new material, several new legal systems, the mathematics of planning, exposes of neo-classical economics, etc…

You can’t just shout socialism anymore. You need to define a new system and offer a guarantee it won’t turn into Stalinism….

Source: The DSA should refound basic theory…marxism confuses everyone/thing it touches…[marxmail] Marxist Unity Slate proposal for DSA national political platform – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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