Judeo-xtianity on the skids, don’t be half-in, half-out

Judaism and Christianity are passing away and our harsh posts aren’t harsh enough. Christianity is a kind of degenerated gnostic church hotwired with demonic circuits and invisible howling ghouls. Don’t be halfway in halfway out. Look at Christmas, the worst kind of travesty of capitalist commerce in a black magic of founder sentimentality. That’s not religion. Judaism is no better and the Zionist route seeminglly leading to secularism has become a criminal covert nightmare of mass murder in the middle east and svengali politics in the US. The record of jews in the past half-century has been totally surprising in its malevolence and has probably helped to destroy American democracy. Christianity in its evangelical version is the last stage of theological idiocy.
So our harsh remarks are right. Don’t be halfway in. The question of the Holocaust is part of the demonic puzzle, and I can’t solve it. But it was not the result of Christian antisemitism.
For myself I would assimilate so fast that no one could figure out anything. After two thousand years of Judaim, Israelis can’t share vaccinations with Palestinians. Baffling. And self-defeating in the worst way. This situation will destroy you, evacuate These religions create obsessions and keep people hooked, and the hidden secularists and demonic politicians who spout piety add to the poison. Don’t be half-in, half-out, just get out. You just might find ‘salvation’ as a secularist.

Source:   Jesus is NOT your personal savior: the Christian big con has gone on long enough – 1848+: The End(s) of History

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