Fine-tuning offers nothing by way of proof to the idiot ‘god’ of fundamentalist idiots

Scientists are strangely spooked by religious stealth theism. The problem arises because they unconsciously fall for the implications of so-called of design arguments. The existence of fine-tuning is not some proof of god. It points to something but that is hardly the fake ‘god’ of Christian retards. To distort their own work in science to coopt such implications is a gross error that feeds the problem. The ‘god’ of Christian monotheism is a monstrosity of concept, so junk it and don’t succumb to the idiot god of creationists.

Scientists are so spooked by Christian inuendo that they distort their own physics. The issue of intelligent design proves nothing. Put quotes around ‘intelligent and forget about it.

Deniers of God’s existence have clung to one main gambit to avoid the design implications of the fine-tuning of the universe.

Source: “Multiverse” Myth Frees Atheists from Real Science | Evolution News

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