Juan Cole’s Islamic propaganda: a leftist puzzle

Juan Cole and Islam
I often enjoy and profit from reading Cole’s articles from the left, but then one discovers his strange
and misleading stance on Islam. Cole vaunts his degree in Islamic studies but perhaps he misjudged the history of Islam.

In a strange world, the US (Israel?) 9/ll false flag op is outrageously blamed on muslins but then we confront the propaganda of Islam that has covered over the dark history of jihad. Understandably with figures such as Robert Spencer or Sam Harris kneejerk defenses are u9nderstanable but the fact remains that any honest student of world history confronts the violent jihadic phase of Islamic expansion. Trying to be fair to Islamic modernity is of great importance but the real history of Islam must be faced.
The history is fairly clear here and there is no use in trying to convert it up. We should note that ‘jihad’ emerges in the Old Testament and is also present in Christianity as a part of its history. But the especially violent phase of early Islam cannot be explained away.

What is Cole up to here? One need not justify the American/Israeli genocidal wars against the Middle East to consider the real history of Islam. A cover up here can never succeed.
This is not political propaganda but a warning that the tide of secularism which has undermined Judeo-Christianity will inevitably sweep over Islam. And is already doing so. Islam is a complicated study and its embedded Sufism is still more confusing. But the plain fact of the matter is that the onset of Islam was through violent conquest fueled by the profitable wars of conquest and plunder over many centuries. Islam is however a complex religion misunderstood by outsiders, that is true. But the charge of Islamophobia at any criticism of the bloody reality of early Islam is propaganda. Why would a leftist like Cole perpetrate that? The Islamophobia manufactured by the American
imperial war machine is no doubt part of the answer.
The false charges of 9/11 are part of the attempt to set the record straight, but what is the record. The whole history of Islam is complex and requires a new kind of study. The issue of Sufism alone is a wild card that makes the study more complex still. Moslems should welcome secularization: Islamic culture in a secular form has a lot to contribute here. Sufism along if one can factor out the conmen is a contribution  of great significance.  Trapped in their fake Islamic  piety the sSfis need liberation from Islam.

Amazon has hundreds of books on ‘Jihad’ as a key word: check them out. The reality seeps through the propaganda.

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