Confusions of the history of religion…links from The Gurdjieff Con

The world of the secular humanist was supposed to be the vehicle of modern man but it has been subjected to an almost silly format of reductionist scientism, Darwinism, capitalist ideology, sterile atheism, total ignorance of the history of religion, culture and philosophy, and blind to any broader perception of cultural and religious history.
In fact, the future will require the secular humanist to be wholly informed of the past and free of the idiotic ostrich world of most so-called humanists. The historical materialism of the Marxists, speaking as a socialist, and yet, is a dangerous contraction of viewpoints: it led the Stalinist world to liquidate those with even moderate views on cultural and historical spiritual issues.
Future man as secular humanist has to be expert in all aspects of the history and detail of world religion, and philosophy.

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