Missing the 9/11 false flag op shows the left to be crippled…//Capitol Riots were a Dark Day for American Journalism  

The left has long been incapable of grasping the nature of the fascist history of the deep state, the latter term now used up and to be set aside, mindful of its real meaning, especially with 9/11. That was a dark day when elements of the US covert nexus, probably plus Mossad, staged a false flag op. The evidence here is confusing, but it is evidence in plain sight. How on earth can there be a left that is confused here? The days of calling this an Islamic terrorist operation have long since past, now with death of millions in the middle east, except in the fake left of the Chomskies et al who have browbeaten the left into submission. That Chomsky knows better seems hard to refute but in the end the greater left has gotten played by their own idiocy which undoubtedly was calculated by the cover zone itself.
The 9/11 false flag has resulted in millions of dead Muslims innocent of the operation. Until the left can deal with this reality it is a chatterbox counterpunch indeed.
We need a new left here that can start with the real reality, which is an unnverging crypto fascist covert zone out of control and a probably penetrated left that has imposed the fake account of 9/11

The invasion of the Capitol on 6 January now stands alongside 9/11 as an act of war against American democracy. Unsurprisingly, news coverage of the incursion has come to resemble war propaganda. All facts, true or false, are pointed in the same direction with the aim of demonising the enemy and anybody who minimises its demonic nature.

Source: Capitol Riots were a Dark Day for American Journalism – CounterPunch.org

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