Historical (in)evitabilities

R48G: the eonic model and Judeo-Christianity, historical materialism, end of history discourse, and communism/democracy
June 29th, 2017 ·

We can see from our pattern that the ancient Israelites detected the ‘axial interval’ in their time/geographical zone and that in two cases we see world religions emerging thus. But the interpretation of this by Christians and Jews as divine revelation was a primitive precursor of the eonic effect and there is little we can do here as these religions suffer a kind of expose. It does not make sense to say that ‘god’ acted the history of Israel and gave Jews a special place in history. They did have a special place in any case for the simple reason our ‘eonic progression’ focused on their culture as a root generator, analogous to that of archaic Greece, indict and Chinese axial periods, etc… That myth of Israel has now become a dangerous monstrosity of modern politics and requires challenge. The eonic effect suggests a much better interpretation.

In fact, Jews and Christians are causing an immense amount of suffering in the middle east armed with the ‘fake eonic myth’ that is embedded in their historical mythologies. These religions need an exit strategy and we can note that the legacy of the reformation suggests what that can be. But the reformation was left behind as the modern system proceeded to its ‘secular’ era and new versions of these religions are needed in that context (they don’t have to be totally scrapped because they aren’t
‘secular’, but…). A new reformation is easily managed but will Christians listen?

It would be easy to create ‘eonic versions’ of both historical materialism and liberal ideology (the ‘end of history’ muddle): we note that ‘democracy’ appears as jumpstarted twice inside our eonic pattern and

communism emerges as the completion of liberal evolution as ‘real democracy’. Exceedingly simple. The resemblance of this the ‘middle epoch’ action of Christianity is clear and often noted…But there is no theological version of the eonic effect. The whole thing is derived in one paragraph using our model, without false claims of proof, reductionist scientism or mystical ideology.

The term ‘end of history’ is totally botched. But we note the pun on ‘end’ and ‘ends’ or ‘aims’. Hegel never used the term, but many thought so and in any case the confusion arises because he did consider that somehow ‘freedom’ emerging over history, he was right, As to his Geist, well…that’s a complex study and sidelined here. It won’t work in our model which is allergic to ghosts…. (Hegel will have to speak for himself beyond the strident attacks on him in early marxism) There does seem to be
an ‘end of history’ in the emergence of freedom and democracy: our pattern suggests directionality. Our
text Enigma of the Axial Age reluctantly takes up the ‘design’ aspect of the whole range of issues here…

But we can adopt a ‘weird’ version of ‘historical materialism’ or ‘stages of production theory to our eonic
pattern: we can simply study the issues of class, class struggle, economic stages empirically in each of the epochs of our pattern. We see that capitalism is developing continuously but strongly amplified in the modern epoch. It is immediately challenged by the idea of communism (recycled from the ancient Greek utopians) in an elegant duality or dialectic. The question of ‘revolution’ emerges very clearly as an explicit process in the early modern (part of our pattern of transitions). The question of democracy and communism thus interact in relation t

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