Malevolence of degenerating zionist fiasco/endgame….//Israelis, In God’s Name, Why?  

The behavior of the Israelis is almost incomprehensible at this point. They charge antisemitism all too frequently yet have done everything they can to destroy/degrade their own remarkable legacy, far better than could any antisemite. A similar fate attends the remainder faction of  so-called Christianity of the American religious right. In resisting secularization these archaic remnants turn demonic. But then if Zionism is ultra-secular how does this happen? Hard to answer but clearly, the secular Zionism is nothing of the kind in the puzzle of Judaic history.
Whatever the case jews, who are so often successful, have so totally failed with the egregious ‘second Israel’. It is finally silly, but dangerous, to be playing mind games from the Old Testament which is long since going going, now gone.
The lesson of history points to a stark reality: Judaism and Christianity have no true future. Jews, as many have known all along, must separate from their now toxic legacies and move into the future.
We note in passing the way religions of a prior epoch have not survived very long into a new era in world history. Just as Judeo-Christianity moved  past the earlier legacies of paganism, so now the future is foreclosing on Judaism and Christianity. Trying to recreate ancient Israel in its Zionist form has thus slowly but surely cancerated and its endgame will come, sooner or later.

In God’s name, what reason/explanation/excuse did the Israeli government and its Most Moral Army in the World have to justify destroying a forested 98 acre natural preserve in which those living under a brutal Nazi-like occupation find respite, solace and refuge from the daily brutalities they have to endure?

Source: Israelis, In God’s Name, Why? –

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