Decoding World History: new version

aa_Decoding World History Final_xz1ab-2001

Here is a draft from the conclusion, a work in progress. It might look complicated but the ‘eonic effect’ and its model is designed to be simple as simple periodization. This simple method scores a huge success. Every attempt at a science of history has failed, and we now can see that ‘evolution’ like history is in the same boat.

We have reached the end of our introduction to the eonic effect as our discussion moves to the creation of a simple model. It is important to see the simplicity of our ‘model’: it seems to grow complicated but in reality its strength lies in its simplicity as periodization. This simple method scores a remarable success but it is not a theory. A theoretical science of history will have to explain our demonstration of evolutionary transformation and that is far beyond the hopes of some kind of theory. Such a science is far beyond the physical sciences whose success does not extend to the larger sphere of cultural and evolutionary studies that can’t pass beyond descriptive models. But this approach is highly effective on its own terms. It is our suspicion in any case that ‘evolution’ is a branch of cosmology and that the study of fine-tuning might be relevant both to early evolution and to life.

The singularity issue is not needed for our discussion but is an amusing sideline.


This is a new version of Decoding World History and I hope that after simplifying the eonic effect/model It has not gotten complicated all over again

We offer a new twist: all the hype (as I suspect) over the Singularity seems a form of humor as we confront the reality that man is already inside
a super complex ‘evolutionary machine’ that seems superintelligent and seeds all the starting phases of new civilizations. It is all right there,
all you have to do is study it, not always so easy, with bibliographies on the order of a thousand books to start.
But I am betting that versions with books to read around 100 might be able to do something here.

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