Dialectical materialism and historical materialism: the new superstitions and useless baggage of the Marx/Engels religion

No matter how hard you try to clarity and leave behind old sacred doctrines the masrxist left reverts back to all of the idiotic confusions of Marx and Engels. The sanctity of Marx veils the fallacies of historical materialism and Engels’ dialectical materialism is a pseudo-science based on the confusions of dialectic. Dialectical materialism is a complete pseudo-science and any student of socialism should learn how to escape the mass of idiots in the Marx religion.
The issues here are indeed of interest, but as much in their critique. The essay above shows how the right outplayed the crude Marxist dialectic with a closer study, although that also suffers the borderline superstition of the whole discourse.

What the blazed is dialectic? The mystification of its simple meaning into a metaphysics of nature.
Marx and Engels threw away the credibility of their other important work with this high-scale amateurism that can’t last five minutes outside of the high-pressure cult of the Marx religion.

The left needs a stream-lined rewrite of Marx’s basic critique without his useless theories, the stupidity of the mystification of the dialectic…

Frederick Engels was Karl Marx’s closest friend and collaborator. In the light of the ongoing ecological crisis and COVID-19 pandemic, Engels’ Dialectics of Nature takes on a new significance.

Source: MR Online | Engels in the crosshairs

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