Insurrection on the right?

The sudden eruption of a coup from the right in the confused version of the Trumpians taking over the Capital building as an insurrection left many on the left and the left/left non-plussed. This was supposed to the left’s prime objective but suddenly everyone on the left was tut-tuting the shambles of Trump’s base plotting against the and sermonizing about democracy.
The revolutionary option fares poorly these days in the nexus of reformist/revolutionary optionizing. It should have been all the subscribers to Proyect’s Marxmail storming the citadel of High Democracy. Good thing that it wasn’t, so doubt. But isn’t the insurrection a real future for the left and left/left? It is useful to see the outcome with the demented guinea pigs on the right. Fantasies of revolution must confront the obvious impotence left and right confronted as leftists at least with the sudden strengthening of what was long claimed to be pseudo-democracy. The poor guinea pigs apart, a consolidation of pseudo-democracy before our very eyes.
It is impossible to reject completely the revolutionary option that haunts the left and the spectacle of idiocy on that score, albeit rightist, asks for some new reckoning of the coming calamities. At some point revolution won’t be an option, it will be a last chance. And from what we see the right jump0ed the gun with a warning that Leviathan on the right is on the way to the unobservant on the left.
The moral is perhaps that the revolution on the right is underway while the left is frozen in place, perhaps not surprisingly, they can see the dangers and great difficulties of revolutionary change. The better option might be when you have no other choice.
At some point the moment is coming. Spare us the biking horned helmet.

Source: Republicans are on the verge of a dangerous choice against democracy –

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