He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive? – The New York Times

We addressed this set of questions in the previous post.
The classics have already collapsed so the issue is moot. But the study of the Greeks finds a new place in the study of the eonic effect where the place of Archaic Greece in the ‘Axial Age’ in parallel with Semitic, Persian/Israelite, Indic and Chinese ‘transitional’ episodes. The sudden invasion of hyper-intelligent Indo-European baarbrians from the Caucasus has nothing to do with race and is a mystery, as is the rapid decline of that hypercreative moment, as the Occident descended into the horror of the Roman era. That’s about the level of southern racists, poor white trash indeed.

The sudden flowering of Archaic to Classical Greece is no accident and takes its place in parallel with a massive set of cultural advances across Eurasia.
The issue of race and whiteness is a red herring. And a much later obsession.

The regressive and capitalism-induced racism of modern times forgets that the racist whites of the South are a regressive anomaly and a momentary social strategy in the legacy of capitalism.
The original Indo-European barbarians who invaded Greece was a shot in the arm of the sluggish evolution of global civilization which soon entered the era of Roman decline.


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