A mysterious evolutionary ‘machine’

The eonic effect, post-theological design arguments, a mysterious evolutionary ‘machine’

September 30th, 2017 ·

In many ways World History and the Eonic Effect is a better approach to ID because religious ambiguity stalks the ID group and a wall of silence surrounds ‘historical ID’ as theology reigns, contrary to the generally positive commitment to science, on the surface at least. Behe’s take on biological machines is a pretty drastic expose of natural selection. How could biologists have let this one getaway?

The question of the eonic effect is finally a design context but one that is not about theology at all: the eonic model shows elusive evidence of a complex meta-biological machine, one that we can barely

observe and whose properties remain astounding, something operating over tens of millennia on the
surface of a planet…

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archive: a question of ideology?…//Celebrating Michael Behe’s Intelligent Design Revolution

September 15th, 2017 ·

How did it happen that science/biology could not determine the failure of natural selection, and this for
so long…?

Fred Hoyle sounded a warning long ago. In fact, the design issue was clear enough from Michael Denton’s classic, if not to Hoyle, or even the later Wallace…this raises the question of outright deception for ideological reasons…

As we know, random changes and undirected natural processes routinely succeed in assembling functional equipment for a range of uses. Do you need, say, a new outboard motor? Just dump some of the necessary components in a field or something, give it a little time, and presto. Hook this baby up to your favorite recreational watercraft, and away you go! Wait…it doesn’t work that way? Why didn’t you tell us sooner? We were all set to go fishing this weekend.

Source: Celebrating Michael Behe’s Intelligent Design Revolution, Documentary Is Now Free Online! |
Evolution News

archive: R48G: the empty rhetoric of democracy without an equality of the commons

August 31st, 2017 ·

The idea of communism has been so discredited that we forget that in some form it is the only solution to the problem of fairness, and thence of democracy: our current system promotes the theme of democracy in order to covertly promote forms of inequality, and domination by the economics of capital. This are fairly old ideas! But there cogency is becoming obvious all over again as we begin to grasp in intuitively terms the way the demand for democracy has produced its opposite. The problem arises with the equation of democracy with ‘electoral democracy’, an equation that was never established until fairly late in the game.

Unless we can establish a commons as the basis for a fundamental equality of resources our talk of
democracy is mostly empty rhetoric…

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