Decoding World History

Source: Decoding World History

Decoding World History Final3xf_ED1

The material on the eonic effect doesn’t sink in because it contradicts at least two major ideologies that are rigidly enforced by the various powers that be in the scientific/biological world, the religious camp, and others. But the data on the eonic effect is not a theory but as it declares itself a pattern of data solidly established but nonetheless elusive and far too complex for a theory of the reductionist type. It presents something unprecedented yet totally obvious and necessary once you think about it: a dynamic that transcends the fact/value distinction. It is also a hint as to the nature of evolution, again something that should be straightforward but in the context of the Darwinian regime can barely be discussed. The culture culture will go into historical oblivion rather than admit to a problem with Darwinism
Finally, it lays to rest the mythology of the Old Testament which still persists as a religious mythology two centuries after the Enlightenment.

The material is in the end too engaging not to slip into public awareness if only in a default negative sense.

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