Postcapitalist Futures: new site in construction: the capitalists have done the left’s work for them: the inevitability of a postcapitalist future
We are setting up a companion site to this blog at with an idea of a source org we call the Red Foryeight Group, or sort of template for a spectrum of left formation and a generalized echo of the classic period of the 1848 generation. This formation speaks equally to a reformist and/or revolutionary perspective and is a template for a new brand of socialist democracy: democratic market neo-communism as ecological socialism, an attempt to repair the problems with marxist theories and equally an attempt to move past ‘social democracy’ fallacies with a system that is more viable than the Marxist legacy. In the process we can make Marx/Engels into a core heroic saga, and recast the elements for an (r)evolutionary socialism that resovles the jackknife of liberalism and communism in a new combination.
The left has bemoaned the evils of capitalism since 1848 in vain but now we reach a situation where postcapitalism is suddenly in its endgame. The revolution is already halfway there as the capitalists blunder into their own checkmate. The era of climate calamity will not resolve itself in capitalist ‘rules of the game’ and the ultimate outcome needs a practical resolution,the only real candidates being rightists bunkers in Sweden or a new brand of socialism. As with the term ‘neo-communism’ we need a new term since the old associations are inexorably STalinists, but we can use the term ‘socialism’ en passant on the way to new semantics.

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