Decoding World History, new almost final version

Decoding World History Final3xf_ED1

A new version of Decoding World History.

The only people who can resolve history beyond ideology are probably outsiders with no professional connections.  Don’t believe it? Consider: the entire scientific community for almost a century has been fixated in the Darwin natural selection paradigm unable to expose the elementary statistical error behind the whole idiocy. Darwinism has wrecked the reputation of science as it leaves critics scratching their heads at the near totalitarian enforcement of the paradigm.Evkery has been trained to lie about everything, To politicians, theologians, Darwinian biologists, many types of historians, lies are OK, in a Machiavellian perspective of justification. That many liars fighting over a dumb theory like Darwinism ensure a totally capture public. Well not totally..

This is a case where professional Ph.D.’s have been fired on the spot for expressing doubt about Darwinism. That keeps people shut up for life. But all the other cadres seem equally brainwashed or silenced.  Professionals of all types, psychologists. Capitalists love the theory: its social Darwinism is good for business: dog eat dog as theory. What a windfall for the business class. But even Marxists are in a muddle. They uxe cancel culture on the spot for marxist critique of Darwinism. The exception is the religious right, but even there the ID group has confused the issue with intelligent design, although they have uniquely seen through Darwinism. A few academics like Nagel saw through the propaganda but to little effect. I may be wrong: the paradigm is falling apart, but critics with credentials are still afraid to speak out.

This book on Decoding World History proceeds in another direction but rapidly sees through the evolutionary illusion of Darwinism because it shows examples of how evolution works, in history for starters. What is the connection? Read the book.l

Darwinism is a tragedy for science: it has squandered its reputation here for no clear reason.

Idiots like Dawkins have added to the confusion by using the theory to promote atheism, But the argument is idiotic and not needed. The ID gambit doesn’t[ promote religion in any real sense

World history shows a hint, and un9covers a hidden structure in world history;  It is  a devastating pattern that can’t be dismissed, so what does it mean?

If scientists can’t do it, then outsiders have to do it/  This version is closing in on a first edition.

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