Class struggle data beyond ‘theories’

Historical theories versus the eonic effect
January 26th, 2018 ·

Archaic Greece and class struggle versus the eonic effect…//De Ste. Croix and The Class
Struggle in the Ancient Greek World
January 11th, 2018 ·
To see our point about the dangers of historical theories it is worth looking at the classic marxist study of De Ste. Crois, a remarkable book, but does it really make the point that class struggle drives history?
The book is of interest because it starts with the Archaic Period of Greece and this is the exact point where we see something else at work: the macro effect of the Greek
transition, ca. 900 to 600/400. (The extra two centuries is outside the transition as such…
an early takeoff and flowering).
We see clear evidence of class struggle in early Greece, but the dynamic behind the era is something far more complex. TThis refers to the classic of St.Croix….

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