War for Eternity: Inside Bannon’s Far-Right Circle of Global Power Brokers – 

I hadn’t realized Bannon’s background here as a kind of ‘new ager’ and follower of the Guenon, Evola lines.
We have been studying this in general at The Grudjieff Con for over ten tears, but I was unaware that Bannon was in that circuit. We announced at the dawn of the Trump affair the connection to unknown occult sources, but never realized how right that was, albeit in the Guenon direction. We exposed cyclical theories, the myth of the Kali Yuga, and much else, only to find out finally that Bannon was steeped in that lore mostly rubbish at this point. The myth of the Kali-yuga dies hard, along with a host of other notions, including most ominously the hard to believe embrace of caste ideologies in a western context. But again that is nothing new: consider Ouspensky’s seminal role here as he preached the code of Manu at the dawn of the Russian revolution. He and the ambiguous Gurdjieff ended up fleeing Russian on the trail of the whites. In many ways Ouspensky is one the sources here of this latter idiocy at the boundaries of the Trump nut house. The path thence to Guenon, then Evola, is clear.
It is important to reckon all this in relation to the Trump era beside its doppelgangers like Bannon, but also to see that even the current right has not found the real key to occult fascism, even many have puzzled over Trump’s often bizarre drone like behavior as it svengalied by some hidden malevolent force. It is good to know that this latter generation has not figured out the mysteries of proto-fascism and the result is the farce still dangerous of the Trump faux fascism wrought by imitators and other idiots…


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